Kunming City

Kunming General Info

Province: Yunnan
Population: 6,193,300
Postal code: 650000
Area code(s): 0871
GDP (2007): CNY 139.3 billion
per capita: CNY 25,327

Kunming Attractions

Shilin Stone Forest

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Kunming - Why Should I Go There

Why Go to Kunming

Do you need really need a good reason to enjoy yourself. Kunming, also known as Spring City for its lovely weather year round, is a relaxed haven to get some rest, eat well and in case you are active a good basis for exploring Yunnan. It's not a place of great culture or old buildings. It's just a friendly city you'll enjoy.

Green Park

What to See (What else to do)

The best place to see life in Kunming passing by is taking a seat in the Green Lake Park and watch the kites, the masseuses, the ear cleaner and the musicians and people strolling by. The Yuantong Temple is another spot to go, as well for it's tranquil atmosphere as watching Buddhism in action.

An hour outside of Kunming you'll find Shilin (Stone Forest) with it's impressive Karst Peaks.

Where to eat

The slightly spicy Kunming food is a treat. Try Hongdou (Red bean), next to the bar, on Wenlin Jie to get a taste. Order their Rubing (fried sheep cheese). If you prefer other asian fare, walk a bit further to go to the thai restaurant Bangkok or one of the numerous Korean places. For Western food the area around the lake and the Yunnan university gives you a lot of choice.

Where to Drink

There's no lack to find somewhere to sit down and nip a western coffee, some tea or water in the day a beer. Be prepared that cold beers may mean a lukewarm bottle with additional ice cubes. Good places in the Green Lake area to hang out are Salvador's in Wenlin XIang or try the Chinese terrace of Bamboo Civic Time (opposite the Harbour Plaza Hotel)

Where to Shop

You can find department stores on Dong Feng Lu and Renmin Lu or browse through the small boutiques around the Green Lake Park.

Where to Sleep

High end the area around the lake has good options, a cheaper option is the Camellia Hotel on Dongfeng Lu.

How to get there

There are daily flights from the main Chinese cities as well as direct connections from Bangkok and Hong Kong

More info

If you have been to Kunming and like to suggest a great attraction, a place to eat or else, drop a message.